ROSTFEST started in 2012. One of the reasons for organizing a festival in Eisenerz at this time was that cultural workers, who were mainly active in the public space of the city of Graz, were confronted with an increasingly difficult environment: after the dynamic, cosmopolitan years following the European Capital of Culture year from 2009 to an increasing regulation of the public space with a simultaneous increase of events with a professional event character. Because of these restrictions, the view turned to rural areas, where new space for creative people with a passion for experimentation and new experiences became visible. 
In these years, much attention was paid to the successor format of the Styrian provincial exhibitions. It showed that contemporary culture is possible in rural areas. However, it also became apparent that the conflict between traditional value structures and progressive formats requires continuity or rooting in order for the transformative forces of art and culture to take effect. Cultural work in rural areas should therefore not be a straw fire, but requires confrontations that happen on repetition. (Source: 

Video & Animation: Julia Überbacher 
Camera: Johannes Neuman
Music: Fainschmitz 'Delphine zählen' &Stereoface 'Distress'
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