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The majority of people with intellectual disabilities spend almost their entire adult life in a workshop. The work they do there is not gainful employment. That is why the people do not receive any remuneration or wages. They are also not insured independently and not entitled to their own pension. For many years, people with learning difficulties have been asking for
Salary instead of pocket money.

They want to participate in an inclusive labor market as adults with equal rights.
In workshops in particular, they should receive a salary instead of pocket money and, like other adults, receive their own social security and pension.

Lebenshilfe Österreich has developed a 2-pillar model to secure income and needs. 
Our cooperation resulted in an explanatory video that, both in politics and in society, should create more awareness in order to initiate further important steps and changes in law.



Contracting Authority: Lebenshilfe Österreich
Speakers: Cornelia Amon & Markus Brandecker
Professional support: Helga Dippmann & Gabriele Langer
Illustrations: Petra C. Plicka & Julia Überbacher
Animation & Sounddesign: Julia Überbacher



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